Halloween 2013

If you don’t know me well, you probably don’t know how obsessed I am with Halloween costumes. I love Halloween strictly because of the opportunity to dress up as whatever you can dream of and create. I LOVE IT.

I’m really proud of our past costumes. They’ve even been floating around Pinterest, which makes me feel pretty cool. I had a friend tell me last week she saw pics of our costumes last year show up in a Google search she did. Nobody really knows who I am, so I’m not popular or famous, but my creations are! Suh-weeeet!

Alright… Without me blabbering on and on, let me introduce this year’s costume theme for our family.


Graham is obsessed with Ylvis’s What Does the Fox Say. And I can’t blame him. He’s one-and-a-half, he loves animals and music, and that song actually has a great beat (and is freaking hilarious and well done, even if it is completely ridiculous–let’s be honest). Graham asks to watch it when he wakes up in the morning and immediately after every nap every day. We usually watch it at least 5 times a day. I have the entire thing memorized (not by choice, mind you).

Here it is, if you’re living in the dark ages or have been rebelling against watching it.

When Graham wakes up in the morning, within five minutes of seeing us he’ll say, “Fah-fah? Ha-tee! Ha-tee!” After every nap, he says the same thing. And if he sees my phone, my computer, or my husband’s laptop, it’s always, “Fah-fah? Fah-fah?

We decided to play up this new found favorite song of Graham’s.

May I present….



The Fox


IMG 0196 copy sm 610x823 Halloween 2013


IMG 0230 copy sm 610x807 Halloween 2013


IMG 0225 copy sm 610x827 Halloween 2013I love how Graham pulled Bob’s tie loose.

IMG 0236 copy sm 610x462 Halloween 2013

IMG 0243 copy sm 610x782 Halloween 2013And my favorite shot of Graham, and we look ridiculous. He got tired of wearing his fox ears…


IMG 0247 copy sm 610x743 Halloween 2013Graham: “Eeeeaaahhh!!!!” (translation: “I don’t want this on my head!”)
Me: “Graham, just keep the fox ears on for 30 more seconds!”
Bob: “Ring-ding-ding-ding-dingeringering!”


IMG 0249 copy sm 610x648 Halloween 2013“This is how you’re supposed to wear the fox ears, Graham!” (As Bob put them on backwards… Ha!)

Until next year, which I’m already debating about, Happy Halloween!!

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  • Lindsay

    I came to your blog from a comment on another blog. Anyway, just had to compliment you on your costumes. I LOVE the song, as do my two older children (ages 4 & 2). I had dreams of doing something similar, but their desires won out and we instead had two dragons protecting their princess (5 months). Anyway, clever and very well executed.

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