I’m not superstitious…

But yesterday happened to be Friday the 13th, and it was a pretty rotten day.

Note: I hope this doesn’t come off as complainy. I wrote all of this with sarcasm and humor, so please read it as such! 

I’ve been looking forward to Bloggy Con for months now, making plans, remaking plans, changing plans, and preparing to attend the conference since February. So when all of my hard work and plans seemed useless in many ways due to a gazillion things completely out of my control, I got a little cranky about it.

Bob and Graham ended up coming with me to Bloggy Con. In some ways, I feel like it may have been better if I had just driven up here by myself, instead of dragging them up here with me. But this morning, I’m really glad they’re here with me. It’s nice to have support and love from my little family in this foreign place full of unfamiliar faces.

First off, it’s an 8 hour drive. We left about an hour late. And we had to stop for gas on the way out because we didn’t get to fill up with gas the night before. Bob also forgot to add more oil and do a couple of other tune-ups before this 8 hour drive, so he kept trying to stop and take care of that for the first hour or two.

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I did manage to snap this picture on the way out.

Graham has pretty regular dirty diapers. And this morning he just wouldn’t poop. We stopped every hour or two just to check his diaper. And there was nothing in it during the entire drive. (This would come back to haunt me later–just you wait and see.)

About half way there, we crossed into the Eastern Time Zone. It never occurred to me that we would change time zones. Now we were another hour late.

Graham started complaining a lot, so we stopped to check his diaper again. We stopped off at a Chipotle and neither the men’s nor the women’s restrooms had changing tables. So we changed him in the car where the cold wind was blowing. My husband almost left Graham’s we diaper bundled up with a note expressing our gratitude for their lack of changing tables, but instead he went in and spoke to the manager, who we know couldn’t do anything about it anyway.

I thought driving in Southern California was stressful. I also thought I had encountered the worst drivers in the USA while living in Utah. Nope! FYI, the left lane on the interstate is meant for fast-moving traffic and passing other vehicles. Apparently nobody (or very few people) in the state of Ohio knows this. It made our 8-hour drive seem twice as long.

With a whiny 18-month-old, uncomfortable husband, and a cranky and stressed-out mom, we finally rolled up to Cedar Point 30 minutes after the kickoff party was to have started. We made our way over to the hotel where Bloggy Con is being held, stopped in front of the registration office, and I hopped out to quickly check in to our room while Bob and Graham waited in the car. I walked down a ridiculously long, although really nicely  and Halloweeny decorated, hallway only to find an enormously long line of people and bloggers waiting to check into their rooms. I got in line, hoping it would move quickly. I then discovered that I’d  left my phone in the car so I couldn’t call Bob to tell him. Then the lady in front of me turned to look at me and said, “I’m gonna go get my kids out of the car…” I responded, “I might do the same.”

I did. I got back to the car, hopped back into the driver’s seat, told Bob what was going on, and found a parking spot. By the time I got back in line to check-in, it was an even longer wait.

We made it up to our room and had about 30 minutes left of the kick-off party where dinner was to be served. We left our hotel room, naturally forgetting our jackets, and walked down the boardwalk anyway in the frigid wind. We made it to the courtyard where the event was being held, only to find about 10 people there, most of which were the dinner servers and the Bloggy Con staff. It was outside. The weather was sure not happy about us being there.

Bob ran back to our room to get our jackets. Graham had tons of energy. One of the dinner staff helped to serve my plate, and as grateful as I am for her help, I’m not sure what she was doing. When I finally sat down at a table to eat, I found my hot dog and bun tossed onto the plate amid a pool of baked beans, and my shredded chicken sandwich in the middle of it, the bun so saturated with beans that I could no longer hold it and eat it with my hands. Top that off with a toddler who won’t hold still, and I’m surprised that I didn’t get more food on my clothes.

Bob returned, took Graham and let me finish eating. Then I took Graham so Bob could eat. We returned to our hotel room, frozen and tired. Bob ran to get our cooler out of the car, since we couldn’t carry it up with the rest of our stuff earlier. I gave Graham a bath. As he was splashing in the water, I tried to multi-task and set up his travel crib. But before I could finish, I went to check on him and found my favorite little boy sitting in a tub of water and poop. What a way to top off my day.

I pulled him out, gave him a babywipe wipe down, got him dressed, pulled as much of his feces out of the tub as I could, and when Bob returned he called the front desk for someone to come clean it.

By the time I finally got into bed, I was just happy to lay down and rest. And then Bob gave me a back massage. I did something right by marrying that man. He’s patient, kind, and completely in love with me (and I am with him!). That massage gave me the chance to realize that the truly important things happened:

We traveled safely.
We got checked into both the hotel and the conference.
We ate dinner.
Graham had fun splashing in puddles outside during dinner.
And perhaps most importantly, we had family prayer tonight before going to bed.

Now I need to shower and get ready for a full day of networking and inspiration! I hope this conference is worth the hassle it’s been to get here. I’m hoping that it is.

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